Business to business social media is the greatest opportunity no one is taking.

Consumer brands have taken to social media with gusto.
But businesses selling to other businesses haven’t been as keen.

After all, there’s some beautifully crafted sales materials ready to go. They tell the story of the company, don’t they? 

Perhaps there’s a senior person in the team that writes for an industry rag once in a while. Conferences are attended. Tee shots are applauded. Numbers are finalised over medium-rare eye fillets.

Things are ticking along nicely, and that box you’re in feels pretty cozySo why go to the effort of wrestling with social media?

Truth is, your customers (and prospects) are on social media pretty much everyday. And sure – they share photos of coffee, cakes and kid’s sport. But don’t kid yourself. They’re reading about their work as well. Who’s moving, who’s shaking, and any knowledge that might give them an edge in their own careers.

Winning at social media means your business could be known as the go-to industry experts. It could be a massive competitive advantage, so why on earth aren’t you going for it?

The obstacle that can be difficult to hurdle is the idea that there’s a mismatch between B2B and social media.

Sales funnels for B2B products can be slow, technical, involve negotiation, fine print and sometimes lawyers. The pricey ones with wigs.

Whereas social media is seen (I believe unfairly) as the fast food of marketing. But experience shows that a consistent, well thought out social media strategy makes those cold calls just that little bit warmer. And that’s got to be a good thing.

It’s not to say that B2B firms haven’t set up a Facebook or LinkedIn page – because 99% of the time they have.

But you can tell that some poor schmuck in the support staff has been thrown in the deep end without any floaties.

So, they look for company news. You know – just how they interact with their own Facebook feed. A ribbon cutting here. A handshake there. Team building events and employees of the months. Sometimes a hard sell.


No one cares. Which is why no-one looks.

There’s no evidence of effort. No consistent brand voice. No value to be gleaned from engaging with the content. It looks lazy, because it is.

And how do you think that reflects on your business?

If you remember one thing alone from this article, remember this. Social success hinges on two things: teaching and entertaining. If your social feed doesn’t reflect this, you’re not in the game. 

A common rebuttal is that large cheques aren’t written because of social.

That’s 100% true. Social media doesn’t slam dunk. But it does the assist incredibly well.

• It reassures the purchaser that they are making the right choice.

• It makes referrals easier. Isn’t it more efficient to say ‘check out their Linked In’ instead of ‘I’ll see if I can dig up the sales kit they dropped off”, or “their website is a little out of date but you’ll get the idea”. Social content is always fresh.

• Businesses that are top of mind get put on consideration lists.

• It builds credibility more efficiently and meaningfully than any Italian suit.

Social media isn’t a line item with dubious value.

In the past few years it has become a pivotal piece of the communications puzzle for any modern business.

Get on board. Because if your competitors do, and they do it well, you will lose.


If you’d like to know more about how social media can build your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mike Lind at Thunderous for a chat.